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The intention with this page is to facilitate finding each other and hopefully increase research collaboration. You can click on a title below and will be taken to the registration for this project where you can read more and usually also find contact details to the principal investigator. Use this information to find collaborators for your current or next research project.

If you are involved in a research project touching base on the topics central for the ISTAR research community please add a description in the CARD project database (this link will open in a new tab / window). Your description will appear below once approved. Even past projects can be added. (For practical reasons we are using the James Cook University portal into this project database. It is a global project database, not limited to James Cook University.)

To ensure your description appears below please add ISTAR as one of the workplaces involved in the project. ISTAR is not linked to a specific country so to find ISTAR please select as country “Select all workplaces” (=all countries) and then search for ISTAR. Click on ISTAR when the system finds it to add it as one of the work places. You may of course also add other relevant work places.

Current research projects related to ISTAR

  • Experiences of young girls at the onset of menarche in Papua New Guinea. - April 23, 2019
    Onset of menarche (first menstruation) is traumatic for many young girls due to unpreparedness. My Grounded Theory study on the experiences of young girls at menarche in Papua New Guinea found significant trauma due to pre-menarche preparedness. These experiences are deeply rooted in socio-cultural beliefs and practices around menstrual blood.
  • What constitutes a successful contemporary coming of age? - November 12, 2017
    This project will investigate opinions regarding barriers and enablers to successful transition from childhood to adulthood. It will focus on the tasks of adolescence, such as: change in dependence of the family of origin; pursuing a vocational goal; achieving a mature level of sexuality; and achieving a realistic and positive self image.
  • Health care access for rural youth in northern Sweden on equal terms? - October 16, 2017
    While it is well known that access to health care services is an ongoing problem in the rural north of Sweden, we do not know what types of strategies might work to improve access specifically to youth oriented health services. This project will identify what strategies are currently being used, and how they might be improved or copied.

Completed research projects related to ISTAR

  • The winding road to womanhood - Adolescents´ attitudes towards womanhood - November 12, 2017
    When entering adolescence, girls face a number of challenges in areas such as the parent-adolescent relationship, development of the self and identity, an expanding network of social relationships, pubertal changes and the development of sexuality. This project aimed to provide better understanding of these phenomenons

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