2019 – Tromsø – Norway – Overview

Adolescence in a multicultural transition and context – 4th biannual international ISTAR conference

The first conference took place in Cairns in the north-eastern part of Australia. The second conference was held in Canada and the third in Sweden. This fourth time we are heading for beautiful Tromsø Norway 17th to 19th of June 2019 (with a get together event on the evening of the 16th of June).

The main theme for the conference is “Adolescence in a multicultural transition and context”. The target group for this conference is researchers, clinicians, teachers and others engaged in the transition from childhood to adulthood. We aim to provide an opportunity to share research findings and experiences and to provide plenty of opportunities for discussions. Presentations will be grouped under the following sub-themes:

  1. Multicultural and Indigenous Education
  2. Adolescent welfare, health and quality of life in a multicultural and Indigenous perspective
  3. Indigenous and multicultural diversity: Strengths and challenges

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